Thursday, 29 September 2011

35041 Churchill MkI/II Initial Prod (pre-rework) Conversion

Hi Guys,

Here it is then, the first of the conversions based on the MkI/II Churchill

35041 Churchill MkI/II Conversion - Initial Prodution (Pre Rework Scheme)   -   (for all AFV Club Churchills)

This conversion includes:
- MkI/II Turret with stowage boxes, 2pdr breech, besa breech, radio and seats
- Turned Besa Barrel and 2pdr Barrel
- rear fenders (early type)
- Track 'bumps' (instead of track rails seen on later tanks)
- Forward fenders with optional resin or etched parts
- Optional MkI mantlet
- Complete suspension for early production tanks
- 'Starfish' wheels seen on initial production tanks
- Early air intakes
- Early exhaust outlets
- etched tool clamps
- etched hatch handles
- 5 inch air outlet
- single piece lower air outlet deflector
- Auxilliary fuel tank

The kit will include all new instructions, in exploded diagram style (similar to plastic kits) PLUS an article on MkI/II Production types and superdetailling early Churchill tanks, written by Inside the Armour

PLEASE NOTE, I will also be stocking AFV Club's Early cast track, suitable for MkIs and MkIIs as of next week. These will be sold seperately